Presenting The
Reality Creation Process

Conscious structures for living a life you love while within the Human experience

What I Offer

The RCP Course & Masterclass

Within you, your Reality Creation Process creates the experience of reality, mastering this process will provide you with everything you need for a life you love, connected to the Super Conscious You.

Group RCP Workshops

Want to go in-depth as a group? In my group workshops I take a deep dive into the Reality Creation Process guiding the group in mastering the systems of consciousness to create a life they love.

Speaking & Events

You can book me as a speaker at  your event. I will provide your guests with the life changing knowledge and techniques of RCP to transform their lives and empower themselves as a creator.

What others experienced after utilizing RCP to create conscious structures.

Lee Quantum Shift, Light Language and Quantum Hypnosis Facilitator
"If you are looking for a tool to help you bring yourself into a more desired frequency it is the Reality Creation Process. I absolutely love what Josiah has done because it resonates so well with a course in miracles and it resonates with what I've always felt in my heart about affirmations. If you’ve struggled to use affirmations this will resonate with you!

I just never could resonate with affirmations for some reason. And ultimately when I did step into my whole healthy self, it wasn't because of an affirmation. It was because of conscious choice. And this is what I love about the Reality Creation Process. It's about creating those conscious choices and actually walking the walk and talking the talk.

So if you're finding yourself living in a pattern that you want to change, while there are many tools available, the Reality Creation Process is, I would say, the most updated, most current time experience where you'll find everything that you’ve been looking for to start creating the life that you truly love."
CaitySpeaker, Free Will Advocate
"August 28th was the day of my first session. I can honestly tell you that since that day, I have accomplished almost every single goal on my list.

My life has completely changed. When I say completely, I mean the universe moved everything. Not only am I in a different field of work, not only do I have a platform, a physical platform, to speak about the things that I want to be teaching, I have a new home. I have had about 50 new people come into my life that have all aided in networking and helping me accomplish these goals through co-creation.

I am beyond impressed with how well Josiah articulated his words with how well he pieced together the entire program. He takes you through step by step explaining the process to you in very good detail, explaining to you why you haven't been able to access this state before and how you're going to achieve it.

He helps you align all parts of yourself into one being and helps you step into your highest timeline.

The biggest thing that I wanted to see happen for me in my highest timeline was to be able to travel, to be able to travel for work, and to be able to make a living out of traveling. Since that day, I have had nothing but offers and opportunities, places to stay all around the world.

I get to speak in front of a large audience on November 19th. Everything honestly has come together in such a beautiful way. In my personal opinion, it doesn't matter where you are in your spiritual journey, you will benefit from Josiah’s RCP Coaching"
MaraeaMedia Producer & Editor, Psychic Reader​
"I'm just so grateful to have found the Reality Creation Process this year, so that I have been able to really step into making choices for myself. That has required, a shift in perspective, a shift in perception.

This year, after doing RCP I have finally been able to find a way to reprogram. Since as long as I can remember, I had wanted the tools to be able to transcend programming that I have carried through from childhood, the Reality Creation Process has been that tool!"
JulieQuantum Healer, Massage Therapist
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"Josiah is uniquely gifted and talented in showing us what living Quantum is all about! I highly encourage any and all who are really ready to take on FULL responsibility for your happiness and joy in life to have a session with Josiah!

I can guarantee your life will never be the same again, in the BEST way possible!​

HOLY WOW is all I can say! I have been in the healing community for a long time and so I have experienced a great number of modalities. But never have I felt a huge manifesting leap in my heart like I did in Josiah’s RCP Sessions! Josiah helped me get clear on my true desires and next steps in just a few powerful hours."
AmberAuthor of "Heart Shaped Rocks - Architecture of the Soul"
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"Going through the Reality Creation Process, I was able to really tap into the highest timeline of myself. It was so powerful. It's hard to even put into words how powerful it was for me.

My book was something that I began manifesting, about a year ago. And the things that have gone on in this last year have just exponentially raised that up into fruition. So I'm super grateful. The Reality Creation Process, it was like a rocket blasting off!"
CarienReiki Practitioner
"The Reality Creation Process is actually a way that you’re not destroying the things that have been looking after you, but bringing them home and restructuring, and it explains why you’ve had these failed attempts at creating the life you love! For me it was amazing. It was, for me, life altering.

RCP kind of flipped things for me. It was like a rapid healing session. Like all of a sudden all at once I was able to tackle all of these little things.

What I learned in the reality creation process was something so big because it explained to me why so many of my heartfelt attempts so far have failed."
GerritDistance Reiki Healer
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I love the Reality Creation Process so much because the problem for me was always that the stuff came back. I would do self-love, self-worth techniques and ... there's a list, for anxiety, feeling guilty, unjustified fear toward yourself and others, shame, outdated behavioral patterns, performance anxiety, stuff like that. I would do it and then it would start fighting back. It would start fighting back and one of the wonderful things with the RCP program is realizing that everything is love. We are love, and trying to kill, release, or break that trauma or belief or whatever is, it's not gonna work because you are everything and everything is you.

So as soon as you … do that kind of thing, then it'll creep back in. But using the RCP technique where you integrate your trauma or your blockage or any of your old systems of consciousness, you change, you bring that back into your body with love and you bring it into the ride [of life] with you and enjoy the ride.

You know, my life has to literally change with that. When you integrate your old systems or beliefs, your traumas, your obstacles and your old outdated patterns, then you bring it into your world, into your life with love. It changes everything. You don't have to resist it anymore and everything flows. It keeps that self-sabotage away from you because it's not fighting back, it's not gonna get killed. Like just Josiah always says it's literally you, so you bring it with you on the ride. And yeah, so many things have changed because of that. Personally and for my clients.
JosiahRCP Coach, Business Owner, Quantum Healer
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The Reality Creation Process was what allowed me to jumpstart my awakening and consciousness expansion journey learning to access and work with the infinite potential of our consciousness is one of the most empowering things I believe a human can do.

When I discovered RCP, it rapidly expedited my healing journey, allowing me to free myself from the traumas and the programming of the past. Stepping into a future that is defined by my true identity, by conscious choices that I make, and then align myself with.

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